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Create a Safe
for Children and Adults at Risk 
in Sport

Software consultancy Globocol has created an

incident reporting and case management software

application for safeguarding in sport.

Designed for organisation leaders and

safeguarding officers in clubs, associations, federations and governing bodies.


What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

When a safeguarding issue arises you need a rigorous process to respond. Globocol's Software for Safeguarding in Sport  helps you to meet this need by encouraging reporting of:

  • Incidents or adverse events due to actions (or lack of actions) that have led to harm and which could have been preventable

  • Near Misses whereby a situation which could have placed an individual at risk was avoided by chance or purpose.

  • Risks whereby you identify factors in your organisation that could lead to a safeguarding incident, and to put an action plan in place to mitigate or eliminate the risk.


Any of these could occur in your sport or location. Globocol's safeguarding sport software helps you to recognise what you are dealing with and how to respond.


You may need to take corrective action to minimise the effects of the issue or preventative action to stop similar issues arising in the future.

Safeguarding subscribers also have access to Globocol's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Sport software application.


A system of record is an essential tool for all sporting organisations.

Why Do Things Go Wrong?


Failings in supervision can occur for one, or many, reasons: lack of knowledge; poor communication; not sharing information; stress; fatigue; distraction; poor training.

To help professionals and volunteers in all sports, Globocol has designed a bespoke reporting application for those in sport who have a duty of care towards children or vulnerable adults.

Find out how Globocol can help you to protect the children under your care. CONTACT GLOBOCOL


Summary of Features

What you get with Globocol's Safeguarding in Sport Software:

  • Report incidents, near misses and risks

  • Carry out & record full investigation

  • Generate & manage corrective and preventative action

  • Programmed email notifications

  • Automated workflow

  • Management dashboard for 'at a glance' metrics

  • Export to Excel for offline custom analysis

  • Attach digital content to the report (photos, video)

  • Create and share "lessons learned" in the community

  • Dual factor authentication login

  • UK Data Centre hosting and UK helpdesk

  • User definable keywords for customization

  • Track relevant staff safeguarding credentials

Globocol's Sport Safeguarding Software is a cloud based application, created, owned and managed by Globocol, a UK based technology consultancy

Children involved in sport should always be protected from harm.


This places an obligation on those in charge. There is a statutory duty to be alert to any potential risks and have adequate systems in place if things go wrong.

The Team Behind
Globocol's Safeguarding Sport Software

The Team


Why Should “Near Misses” Be Reported?

A system of record is essential to promote good practice

  • Reduce risks for all participants by not waiting for harm to occur

  • Trigger improvements in safeguarding processes or gaps in training

  • Alert others to possible vulnerabilities and/or gaps in training

Globocol’s Safeguarding Sport Software provides a place to record the facts of an Incident, Near Miss or Risk. Creating a record gives visibility to the issue and kicks off a process of investigation and review.

The investigation and review stages in turn generate a record of preventative and corrective actions. The goal is to ensure that you reduce the risk of anything similar happening again.


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